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MyWBL v2 is coming!

MyWBL 2 is a complete rewrite with our new clean, super-fast UI.
Launching 16th September 2017.

Responsive, Versatile & Interactive

My WBL is a free, interactive tool for teachers to record, manage and audit learners Work Experienced, Work Based Experience and projects. myWBL is developed, maintained and contributed over the last 2 years by teachers working in the classroom and our students- we've added countless new features and functionality and have finally released myWBL to the public.

myWBL is completely configurable: You can theme and brand nearly every element of its interface to match your school, college or university.

Meet the team

myWBL wouldn't be where it is without a dedicated team of developers and guineapigs.

Jason H.

Jason Hill
Founder & Developer

Jordan T.

Jordan T

Jack L.

Jack L
API Developer

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!MyWBL v2 is coming! Try it here.